Staying Safe Around Custom Fire Pits in Salt Lake City UT

When someone decides to have a company install one of the Custom Fire Pits in Salt Lake City UT in their yard, they will be likely to enjoy the warmth it will provide to those who use it. It is important to take steps to keep people and surroundings safe when using an outdoor fire pit. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Select The Right Area For Installation

It is important to scout out an area for the installation of a fire pit with safety in mind. The spot selected should be far enough away from trees and shrubs, so any flame emitted will not cause sparks or ash to catch foliage on fire. The area should also be out of the vicinity of electrical wires, septic systems, and propane tanks. A professional installation service can assist with picking out the perfect area on a property for the positioning of a fire pit.

Make Sure People Are Present When Using

When using a fire pit, it is important to have someone close by at all times it is being utilized. This person will be able to get the necessary help in putting out a fire if it should get out of hand. If the person needs to leave the area for any reason, they should extinguish the fire before doing so. They can always relight it again upon their return.

Keep Fire Safety Tools On Hand

The spot where the fire pit is installed should also have an area for the storage of a fire extinguisher, garden hose, or sand. Making sure the pit is installed in a spot where water can be accessed quickly is best. Keeping a container of water near the pit when it is in use can be useful in putting out a fire quickly if necessary.

When there is a desire to have a professional install one of the Custom Fire Pits in Salt Lake City UT, finding the right service to do the job is a must. Contact Stone Mountain Castings & Design today to schedule an appointment or discuss options available in creating a fire pit for home use. Follow us on Twitter.

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