Steps In Custom Plastic Molding

There are many different ways to manufacture parts made out of plastic. It is possible to machine plastic and various polymers and resins, which is the same processes as used to machine metals and alloys. With this type of process, only rigid, solid plastic can be used as the workpiece with plastic removed to create the shape.

Another option is to use an extrusion process. This is similar to extrusion of aluminum or other alloys where a semi-liquid, heated form of the plastic is forced through a specially designed die. The long, continuous shape that is formed is then cut into lengths to use.

The other option is through a custom plastic molding process. To understand the steps involved, here is a simple guide for any type of plastic molding to manufacture large qualities of plastic parts and components.

Understand the Concept and Design

It will be essential to understand the specific needs for the part or component. This will allow the custom plastic molding design team to assist in selecting the correct of plastic for the process as well as choosing the right molding option.

Choose the Molding Process

There are different molding options to consider. Different processes will be more effective in creating specific shapes or complex parts. There is often a price difference to consider in the various molding processes from relatively inexpensive and fast custom injection molding to the specialized types of blow molding or clean room molding options.

Create a Prototype

With the design and the process approved by the manufacturer, the custom plastic molding service will then create a prototype. Top companies will provide a prototype that is extremely accurate to the final product that will be produced on a larger scale.

Start Production

With the approval of the prototype, the company is ready to move into full-scale production of the part. At this point, quality control and production levels are clear and precise, allowing for small or large volume production to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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