Styles Of Double Doors

What is the first image to pop into your mind when you think of double doors? If you are like most people, it is the Old World style of doors with solid wood and a very imposing yet elegant look.

In reality, there is a range of these types of doors available from top door manufacturers in virtually every style imaginable. There are even a handful of companies across the United States to offer custom double doors to create exactly the look you want for the front of a home or business.

This style of door has always been popular for moderate to large sized homes, and a must for custom homes and mansions. They are large enough to fit with a big home without being overwhelming or over the top, but they are also very practical and beautiful, adding value and definite curb appeal.

Different styles of double doors can include the modern, rustic, arched and classic styles. Within each style, there will be various models and design options, providing a great selection to choose.


The modern style of double doors can include both square frames as well as arched or rounded doors. Often with modern styles there are clean, crisp lines, more geometric shapes and the use of texture, glass and even carving to create a theme or definite artistic element to the door.

They can also be very streamlined and simplistic in their design, allowing the beauty of the wood and the glass to take center stage.


Rustic double doors in knotty alder with wrought iron accents and speakeasy features are a wonderful addition to stone, brick or natural type of home. Since they are solid and sturdy, the quality of the wood is essential in these doors as it will be the first thing you notice.


The arched or rounded double doors are very European or Old World in their style and design. They are elegant and refined and offer a different look to a traditional squared off top to a door. By adding sidelights and a well-designed transom, these can be a defining element of your home design.


The classic styles of double doors offer a balance of open glass and beautiful wood. They can be rounded or arched or a traditional door shape, but they typically include both a transom and sidelights.

With all the different styles and types of double doors, you can find just the right match for our home. Look around online and see what is available, you will be surprised at the options you have to consider.

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