Surprising Benefits Of Medical Cannabis In Grundy County

Researches and physicians alike are learning more and more about the health benefits and many uses of medicinal cannabis. It can be used to treat a variety of mental health issues and physical conditions, and is one of the most versatile medicinal substances available. Despite this, people are constantly learning new and interesting advantages to taking this type of treatment. Here are just a few surprising benefits of medical cannabis in Grundy County.

It Reduces Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

Recent studies have shown that the use of medicinal cannabis can slow down the speed with which Alzheimer’s Disease progresses. It does this by preventing a particular enzyme from spreading, which then slows down the way the disease progresses. In addition, it can stop certain proteins responsible for cognition from clumping, which results in greater mental clarity.

Medicinal Marijuana Reduces Risk Of Cancer Cells Spreading

Other studies conducted on patients with certain types of cancer who were being treated with medicinal cannabis found that it reduced the risk of metastasis. With respect to Leukemia, in some cases it has been able to kill the cells entire, while in others it causes their progression and spread throughout the body to slow down by a considerable amount.

It Helps Repair Neurological Damage

In some studies, the use of medicinal marijuana has been found to limit the amount of brain damage caused by brain trauma, including a stroke. In others, it was shown to help repair the damage that was caused by that neurological event, such as a concussion. Some physicians have even recommended the use of medical marijuana for professional athletes who have suffered concussions.

Medical Cannabis Can Lower Insulin Levels

For patients with diabetes, monitoring your insulin levels is an ongoing and important job. In some cases, the use of medicinal cannabis can lower insulin levels. This may be because the substance helps the patient metabolize carbohydrates better than patients who are not being treated with medical cannabis.

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