Taking Care of Your Grass in Junction City, KS

Sod, also commonly referred to as turf, is just grass with soil underneath that is held together with the roots of the grass. Cranmer Grass is known for providing the highest quality of sod in all of Kansas. This is a company that is happy to provide you with high quality sod regardless of if you own a golf course or you are just looking to improve your backyard. Cranmer Grass has been servicing the grass in Junction City, KS since 1952. This is a company that will help with installing stolons, also known as sprigs, and seeds into your residential or commercial. Their goal is to help their customers acquire the same beautiful grass in Junction City, KS that they have in their own fields.

Making the decision to purchase sod is about not having to wait to have beautiful grass in Junction City, KS. In just the amount of time it takes to install the sod, your bare soil with be transformed into a beautiful and full grassy terrain. There is nothing wrong with wanting to plant seeds and waiting for the grass to grown naturally; however, there is no guarantee that it is going to grow evenly throughout your entire yard. It is also going to take a while before the grass grows enough to even cover your entire yard. Purchasing sod is about getting immediate results and not having to wait for the curbside appeal of a beautiful field of healthy grass.

Sod is beneficial because it is going to create a healthier environment anywhere you install it by cleaning the air and replenishing the water supply in the ground. It is also one of the least expensive natural fillers. Another perk to having sod installed is the fact that it is going to reduce the amount of glare, noise, and heat. Your lawn is going to be 30 degrees colder thanks to the sod than it would if you had asphalt or bare soil. This just means that you are going to be the owner of a cool and comfortable yard of grass in Junction City, KS for your children and your outdoor pets.

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