Taking the mystery out of metal recycling prices

To the majority of the population, metal is metal. People will commonly inquire about the current price of copper or the price of aluminum or stainless steel, etc., not realizing that metal recycling prices are not set that easily. There is far more to it than just the material itself, every material is available in a host of different grades and each grade has its own price as it is bought and sold. Simply asking for the price of copper is like going into your favorite bakery and asking what the price of cake is; without telling the baker you want chocolate rather than angel food, he cannot give you the price.

Metals are no more than commodities:

Although metal alloys differ and the price differs as well, the basic presumption is that metals are nothing more than a commodity and like all commodities the price or the value is actually determined by what someone is willing to pay for it. If there is any truth to this, why is it that a seller cannot take scrap to the scrap yard and receive the going price? Metal recycling prices do not work like that, there are numerous factors at play, all of which have a tangible impact on the price of scrap metal; these factors tend to have an effect on each other but cannot be used independently to determine the going price.

What are these factors?

Scrap metal prices are constantly being reviewed; numerous factors such as supply and demand, the international market for scrap as well as the domestic market are constantly in a state of flux.

In a slow moving economy there is a tendency for more public works projects to be undertaken, in this way government intervention can positively impact employment and production. Large projects such as bridge building often abound, these projects demand steel and lots of it; the higher the demand, the higher the going price for steel scrap.

International markets also play a big role in setting metal recycling prices. Rapidly industrializing countries; India and China in particular demand huge amounts of material; both in a raw state and scrap, this demand has a significant impact on the prices.

With so many factors impacting the price of scrap metal it is fair to say that within the industry, the only constant is change. For industry stakeholders to maximize on their investment there is a need for constant tracking of metal recycling prices; not only by the day, but by the hour.

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