The Advantages of Using E-Cigarettes from Smoke Shops in Seattle, WA

Many people enjoy smoking, but due to concerns about cancer, emphysema and other diseases caused by smoking real tobacco, they have given it up. However, for those that do like a smoke after a good meal or just to get a hit of nicotine, a smoke-free electronic or e-cigarette allow people to still smoke, but in a healthier manner. There are several other advantages to smoke using electronic cigarettes, such as saving money and reducing the chance of accidental fires caused by smoking. E-cigarettes also give smokers several more flavor options, helping to eliminate bad breath and odors caused by cigarette smoking.

Smoking real tobacco cigarettes is an expensive habit, costing on average $5.50 per pack, which is 20 cigarettes. For those who smoke more than a pack a day, that can quickly add up to a lot of money. Comparatively, electronic cigarettes are far less expensive because the vapor-liquid used in e-cigarettes costs much less. Usually, one single e-cigarette equals on pack of tobacco cigarettes and with an average cost of about $2 when purchased in a pack, smokers can save an average of about $3.50 with e-cigarettes.

A common complaint for smokers and people they are close to is the odor and bad taste real cigarettes can leave behind. Tobacco smoke tends to cling to people’s hair, clothing and it can be absorbed into car and home fabrics too. E-Cigarette Smoke Shops in Seattle WA offer a variety of e-liquid flavors like mint, bubble gum, blueberry and even chocolate glazed donut. In addition, since it is a vapor, which means the liquids are water based, the smell of the vapor is not going to cling to the smoker, their home or their car.

Since e-cigarettes are battery operated, there is no fire hazard associated with them. Fires associated with smoking are the number one cause of fire-related deaths in the United States because people may fall asleep while smoking or the hot tip may fall off onto fabric and create a fire. Many Smoke Shops in Seattle WA have information online about the products they offer at their stores, including You can also visit their Facebook page.



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