The Alternative to Shaving

Are you tired of shaving every day? Every other day? No matter how frequently you shave, it becomes a tedious process that we do, but hate. So, shouldn’t there be some type of alternative? Well, waxing may be just the thing that you have been looking for! Here are some of the most common waxes going on today:

  • Bikini Waxing: There are various style of doing this type of waxing. It all really depends on how much hair you want remove. Talk to your local cosmetologist on what would be the best option for what you want.
  • Brazilian Waxing: This type of waxing removes all hair from your bikini line all the way to your back. This type of waxing is perfect if you want to be completely hairless.
  • Underarm Waxing: This one is pretty self-explanatory, they’ll wax your armpits! Talk to your local cosmetologist if you are looking to get this done for any special occasion, there is usually some growth that needs to happen before they are able to successfully remove your underarm hair.
  • Facial Waxing: Most places that offer waxing services have a full array of facial waxing. Want your eyebrows done? Your lip? Neck, nose, cheeks, chin, ears? They will most likely be able to do this for you!
  • Leg Waxing: This waxing also needs a little bit of growth to be successful. Make sure to talk to your local cosmetologist about this before you go in to get it done. You don’t want to be disappointed when you’re told that you’ll need more growth to have a successful and long-lasting wax.

Wondering About the Wax?

There are three main types of waxes that cosmetologist and estheticians use. Estheticians are specialists in body hair removal, most likely if your cosmetologist is fully certified, they will also be an esthetician. The main types of wax are:

  • Hard Wax: This wax, after applied, should dry and harden. This wax will be yanked off of your skin by a professional. This wax should only stick to your hair, not your skin.
  • Soft Wax: Also known as strip wax, will look like honey when hot. It will be spread in thin layers on your skin and then covered by a cloth. The cloth is removed and takes the wax, and your unwanted hair, with it.
  • Sugaring Wax: If you have sensitive skin, this wax is best for you. This is a natural product that incorporates sugar, lemon juice, honey or water.

Ready to Quit Shaving?

Your local cosmetologist should be able to help you out. If they are not fully certified, meaning that they chose not to go through every course offered at their cosmetology school, they will be able to point you in the direction of a certified esthetician. Looking for body waxing in the Delray Beach area? Give New You Hair and Nails a call today!

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