The Basics of Home Replacement Windows in Wichita, KS

Windows aren’t something you think about every day. As long as they open and close when you want them to and they are locked when you leave the home or go to bed, chances are you don’t give a lot of thought to them. The time may come, however, when you come to the conclusion you need Home Replacement Windows in Wichita KS. This may be because your heating and cooling bills have skyrocketed, you’ve noticed water coming into the home through the windows, or you went to paint the windows and saw they were in bad shape. Before you go to purchase Home Replacement Windows in Wichita KS, here are some things you need to know.

The entire window isn’t replaced. Many assume the whole window comes out and a new one is installed, but in most cases the company only replaces the glass and any moving components. There are certain situations when new construction windows are required though. If the window frame is rotted or you are replacing an exterior wall that has a window, you’ll new a new construction window. When this is the case, you’ll need a frame to hold the new window in place.

Window companies charge a great deal to replace windows, whether they are replacing the moving parts and glass or putting in a whole new window. Experts recommend you get a minimum of five quotes to ensure you are getting a fair deal. Ask each contractor to provide a written estimate detailing the work to be done. This allows you to compare the various quotes to understand exactly what you are paying for and ensure you get the best deal.

The price you will pay depends on many factors. Where your house is located, the materials to be used, the type of glazing, and more all contribute to the cost of replacement windows. By shopping around, you’ll get a good deal, but expect to pay thousands of dollars for this job. In many cases, the cost of replacement windows will reach the $10,000 mark easily. One thing to keep in mind is replacement windows do add to the resale value of the home and, if you don’t plan to sell, you will likely still see a savings in terms of your home heating and cooling costs. Contact for more information on replacement windows and to learn about your options.

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