The Basics Of Learning How To Rumba Dance In Atascocita TX

One of the best ways to impress those attending a party or other event is to take to the dance floor with an impressive dance routine, and few compare to the Rumba Dance Atascocita TX. Learning this style of dance can be challenging at first, but after gaining a basic understanding of the fundamentals of this type of routine, it is easy for anyone to master it. Here is an overview of the most important concepts to grasp before finding a partner and taking to the dance floor.

History Of The Rumba Dance

The rumba originated in the West Indies, but the form that is most commonly performed today is deeply rooted in Cuban culture. Both African folk style dancing and Spanish culture have combined to create the dance that is now known as the rumba. The dance became extremely popular due to its use in movies during the 1930s and became a prime component of Latin American culture.

It’s All About The Beat

The Rumba Dance Atascocita TX is performed to a 4/4 rhythm, and the music is traditionally full of heavy cymbals that are combined with a steady and smooth beat. Many pop songs are also perfect for dancing the samba, as they provide the perfect rhythm and can add a more modern flair. Despite the fast pace of the dance, it is one of the slowest Latin dance forms still practiced today and is perfect for beginners and novices alike.

Dance Characteristics

The rumba is a sensual dance style that is performed with partners, who are generally at a diagonal from one another which helps to accentuate the strong hip movements that are common to the dance. It is then incorporated into a series of cross body leads and shoulder checks to create a sexy dance that allows a couple to float across the dance floor effortlessly.

Learning how to dance is exciting for individuals of all talent levels and ages. The teachers at Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers a wide array of classes and can help anyone take to the dance floor with confidence. Be sure to check out their website to learn more about the types of classes they offer, and take the first step in learning how to master nearly any dance routine.

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