The Basics Of Marble Restoration

Marble tile is a classic flooring option used in both residential and commercial construction around the world. Marble is one of the most durable flooring options, but it’s not necessarily a low maintenance flooring choice. When the floor hasn’t been properly taken care of the floor it may look old, worn and dull, but marble restoration services can bring it back to its original beauty.

Marble floors can last for centuries. One of the wonderful things about this natural stone is even when it’s not properly cared for you can still use marble restoration companies to refinish the floor. The process will give it back the hallmark shine and unique appearance of marble flooring.

Of course, marble restoration can also be completed on marble countertops, backsplashes and in bathroom and shower design. Anywhere marble tile is used it can be restored, but it’s a process that needs to be done by professionals.

Step 1 – Repairs

It is not uncommon for marble tile to need repairs and minor adjustments before actually providing the polishing to bring out the glow and color. Repairs include the grout as well as chips, cracks and uneven tiles. Top companies will also look carefully at how the marble surface joins with other surfaces such as walls, flooring or sourronding fixtures.

Step 2 – Smoothing

A key factor in marble restoration is developing that perfectly smooth surface that gives luster and shine to the stone. Smoothing out the surface, known as honing, involves specialized diamond polishing pads and industrial polishing machines.

This process also removes all the surface scratches and slight irregularities that can occur on a well-used marble floor. This is an essential component in the process and needs to be look at with a discerning eye.

Some marble may be left at the honed stage for a less polished look, which is a great option for more casual flooring. The satin finish rather than highly polished finish is better for the wear and tear of typical floor.

Step 3 –The Shine

Another set of specialized diamond pads are used to give the buttery smooth finish of a top marble restoration. It is a very delicate polishing process. You want to remove the surface but also bring up the luster of the stone.

There can be additional buffing applied in marble restoration to create the level of shine and reflection required for the flooring. This can be followed by a chemical process, called crystallization, which creates a protective and reflective thin layer on the surface.

We would be happy to discuss the process of marble restoration and the different surface finishes we can provide for your flooring or tile. At Stoneshine, our technician can restore the original look of your marble, or give you another desired look. To learn more go to

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