The Benefits Of Hiring A Criminal DUI Lawyer In Tucson

A Criminal DUI Lawyer in Tucson provides legal counsel for anyone who is charged with a DUI. These charges are classified based upon the number of prior convictions. As an attorney will advise you, it is probable that you may pay significant fines, lose your license, and possibility spend some time in jail if you are convicted. This is essentially true if this conviction is your fourth.

Understanding Your Rights

In all criminal cases, the arresting officer must inform you of your Miranda Rights at the moment you are arrested. What most individuals may be unaware of is that at this moment, you have the right to request legal counsel. If you do request legal counsel, the arresting officer cannot force you to undergo testing such as a breathalyzer test or other field sobriety tests. Failure to comply with your rights may lead to the case being thrown out of court entirely.

Coercion in County Lock-up

In the event that you are coerced in the county jail and forced to undergo alcohol testing, it is probable that you may have a claim against the arresting officer. Although, yes, it is the job of correctional officers and deputies to determine through testing that you are intoxicated, you have the right to refuse to participate in testing. Some correctional officers may threaten you and insist that you are required to participate. They may even threaten to revoke your license. The bottom line is that the only person who can revoke your license is the judge.

Local Representation

The Law Office of Thomas Wilson Criminal DUI Lawyer in Tucson offers legal representation for criminal infractions, including both misdemeanor and felony DUI charges. The attorneys in this law firm are familiar with the needs of the client and understand the laws that apply to these charges. If you require legal counsel due to a criminal charge, you may contact these attorneys to set up a consultation.

Hiring a criminal DUI lawyer in Tucson will enable you to fight your charges and take a chance in court. These attorneys are familiar with alternative options that a judge may consider if you are a first-time offender. He or she is also familiar with the manner in which the arresting officer must prove to the court that you were, in fact, intoxicated while driving.

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