The Benefits of Using Design and Build Contractors in North Shore, IL

There are two established ways to undertake a home addition. One approach is design-bid-build, and the other is design and build. The first approach requires the professional services of an architect who designs the project in cooperation with the owner and then asks several builders to bid on the job. When you opt to use the design-build approach, one North Shore IL company handles the entire project.

The Benefits of Design-Build:

If you are fortunate enough to have an unlimited budget for your project, perhaps design-bid-build works well. However, most homeowners work on a closely controlled budget. The last thing they can afford to do is pay for detailed architectural designs and drawings, only to find out that, as beautiful as it may be, the cost exceeds their budget.

When you work closely with a well-known North Shore IL builder that has design and build capabilities, the entire project is easier. It is easier to prevent cost overruns and, as the designers are aware of the budget, they are better positioned to work within the financial constraints. You also have one point of contact. Your chosen builder will be intimate with the project.

Your North Shore, IL builder will be privy to all the background. They were there every step of the way with in-depth knowledge of your project. The team understands you and your vision, and this will invariably translate into a finished project that meets your initial vision. If the designer in the team notices that a minor change during construction will make a big difference in the result, the changes can be made seamlessly.

Finally, the construction timeline and the various trades’ people on site in North Shore can be better coordinated and trusted with the design-build process. Total project performance is improved when everyone from the designer to the builders know well in advance what is expected of them.

The design build approach to home additions, custom homes, or renovations in North Shore has many benefits. To discuss your project, contact Leader Builders Corp.

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