The Best Material for Banners in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

When you’re looking for new banners for your business, you should consider PVC banners. They’re the most commonly chosen for outdoor use. PVC is great for outdoor use because it is waterproof, tear-resistant, and fade-resistant. It will not rip even in a strong wind. Also, it will not fade as quickly as some other materials. The speed with which it fades is a factor of the material you choose but also of the printer you choose.

The Printer You Choose

Ink is made up of a few different components. There is a binder, a pigment, and something that helps it adhere to the surface of the material. Ink begins to fade when the pigment drops out of the ink. That happens for several reasons; for banners in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, rain and sun are the most common culprits behind a banner fading. When you choose a quality printer in your area, you will have fewer issues with fading.

If you visit, you’ll find some high quality work. They produce signs and promotional items made from all different kinds of materials. These are inevitably going to fade over time, but a good printer will use quality ink that resists fading. Therefore, the printing team you choose is very important.

Paper Options

Paper banners typically aren’t the greatest choice for outside use, unless you’re careful to bring them in whatever the weather gets bad. The paper will begin to fall apart when it gets wet. Also, the ink will run when the banner gets wet. Furthermore, since the paper is porous, the pigment will more easily drop out of the ink. Paper is a popular option, however, because it is lightweight and affordable.

There is no single best material for a business sign. Paper signs are great for certain reasons, while PVC signs are great for other reasons. The best material is the one that suits your needs.

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