The Best Methods For Keeping Ants Away From Your Home

Ants of all kinds can be nuisances for homes today; from ants that invade your kitchen to wood destroying ants that endanger your home’s structure like termites. Since there are thousands or even millions of ants in a colony, ant control Sacramento can be a little difficult to keep up with. There are an astonishing amount of ant species in the world, and there could be more than one species invading your home at a time. The type of ant species you have to deal with depends on your area and its climate. If you are having an ant problem you may want to look at one a little closer and do some research to find out what species it is, where they prefer to build colonies, and the best way to eradicate them.

When ants start marching into your home, or through your yard, your impulse may be to just start spraying ant poison at them. That will only take care of the ants that actually come out to collect food for the colony, and after you are done spraying more will come out. After you have looked up the species of the ant, you should know more about where they like to nest. A lot of ant colonies are built in the structure of homes, underneath them, or in the yard.

Ant control Sacramento is not just about spraying the ants that you can see, you have to be able to poison or destroy the colony, specifically the queen that keeps producing eggs. If you cannot access or find the ant colony, then bait is the best method of reaching the queen. Different ant species may respond better to different types of bait, so research different ant baits that are available to consumers and find out which species they work against. There are also many natural ant bait recipes online that you can mix up at home with things you would find in your pantry. Place the bait where you have seen the ants and wait until they notice it, if they ignore the bait then you may have to find a different kind of bait. If they start eating what you put out, then it is just a matter of time until some of the poison gets to the queen. The ant problem should clear up, unless you have multiple colonies.

Ant control Sacramento is something that most homeowners can handle themselves. The most labor it involves is searching for the colony and then placing poisonous bate out for the ants. If you have more than one colony, or if you suspect you have carpenter ants, you may want to call an exterminator. A trained exterminator can search for any colonies you missed and show you how to prevent the ants from returning.




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