The best uses for a wood grain texture mat

A wood grain texture mat generates stunning and realistic textures that give the impression of wood. The mat allows you to create beautiful pieces of work through surface decoration. The outcome is very lovely that your friends might think that you spent a lot of time doing the decoration. Moreover, cake mats are made of the highest quality silicone. This allows you to cover your cake with an outstanding recessed pattern imprint.

How to create a wood texture mat on your cake

Creating wood grain texture mat decoration is very easy. You just need to first smooth your rolled fondant over the mat, then place the mat on your cake and slowly peel it back. The resulting recessed design imprint in the fondant creates an attractive definition that works perfectly on even white cakes. A wood grain texture mat is also good for edging and fondant ribbons that are textured. Besides, the mat can be used with fondant, gumpaste, chocolate, dough, isomalt and sugar. The mat is great for buttercream, fondant, and chocolate and it can be used to make great yule logs. In addition to this, the mat is able to withstand very high temperatures.


1. Great for molding gum paste, fondant, isomalt and chocolate.

2. It should be brushed with pearl dust for a stunning lustre.

3. It is 100% Platinum Silicone and Food Grade.

4. Mat Size: 17 3/4 “inch x 7 1/2” inch and 18.5 x 2.4 x 2.4 package dimensions.

Payment and shipping

If you want to order a wood grain texture mat, feel free to contact your trusted baking supplier at any time. However, due to the big number of responses you may have to go with an automated system to leave feedback.

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