The Best Ways of Maintaining your Dell 1525 Battery

There are several things that you as a consumer can do to extend the battery life of your new Dell 1525 battery. Whether it is making sure it is stored in cool, dry locations or simply implementing a basic strategy in regards to the way the battery is used in the laptop computer and charged, finding affordable and easy ways to keep the battery lasting as long as possible is the best way to achieve value for your purchase.

In today’s economic climate, extending value is highly critical to success. As a result, when you have the ability to move forward and buy a laptop battery, the best thing you can do be very cautious as to how you charge the battery, how you maintain the charge and where you store your battery when it is not in use. Here are some good ways to maintain a longer life of your Dell 1525 Battery.

Take your laptop battery out of the computer when you’re plugged in

Did you know that most laptops don’t need to have a battery installed when they are plugged into AC outlets in order to work? As a result, this is a great way to extend your battery life. Typically most laptop batteries will hold their charge for about 450-500 charging to discharging cycles. As a result, every time you put a ‘charge’ into your battery it is being worn out. So when you are plugged into the wall remove the battery from behind while in use. This will keep your battery cool as well, which is another thing that provides extended laptop battery life.

Make sure to run your laptop periodically without being plugged into the wall outlet

Another simple thing that you can do to make your battery lasting a long time is to run the laptop with only the battery – and let it run through its complete cycle. When a laptop battery is constantly charged, the direct result is typically that the laptop battery will overheat. When this occurs, the battery will lose its charge easier and actually wear down faster. So make sure you simply run the laptop without the AC plug in from time to time. Also, make sure the laptop is properly ventilated in order to maintain its running cool.

The Dell 1525 Battery will last a long time when you follow closely these suggestions to keep it in tip-top shape from the day you purchase it.

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