The Cause of Data Breach and Cyberattacks

Huge companies such as Boeing, Panera, Yahoo, Uber, and Equifax are only some of the businesses who have experienced cyberattacks and data breaches in the recent past. It doesn’t matter if an organization is huge or tiny, public or private, it seems these problems are only becoming more commonplace. This might make you wonder exactly what is causing this problem and how you can prevent it yourself.

Financial Gain

The biggest reason for data breach and other hacking processes, which can lead to major issues including the need to recover an external hard drive, is because of greed. People who steal data get tons of information that isn’t intended to be available to the public. That information can then be put up on the market to make tons of cash quickly. Competing businesses and identity thieves may want this data to determine ways to make more money of their own. It all comes down to money in one way or another.

Protection Matters

The problem is that even for huge, profitable businesses, it can be easy to overlook security measures. Putting new equipment in place costs money. The same applies to train new employees, hiring additional workers, and implementing extra security measures. However, in the long run, the cost of hiring a data loss specialist and having to recover external hard drives or rewrite servers will end up being much larger.

Hiring Mistakes

It isn’t just this that leads to these extreme attacks. Simply hiring the wrong people for your company can lead to the same problems. Maybe you hire someone who seems like a great fit, but they want to make some money on the side. They get into files and documents they shouldn’t and sell that off to the highest bidder. Looking at the Equifax breach, one person in the IT department failed to apply an important security patch. It led to the huge data breach that everyone has heard about. One person. One mistake.

It’s also not uncommon for a great worker to be promoted numerous times until they reach a point where they may not excel. That person might become stagnant there at a level of not being horrible enough to demote but not being good enough to move up. This can lead to issues like the above, something more organizations should be aware of.

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