The Choice of Teeth Replacements and your Options

Looking for an expert in dentures in Honolulu means that you might have an issue with your current set, or require a new set. Dentures are otherwise known as false teeth and have long been the butt of many a joke. However, the idea of losing one’s teeth can be an extremely scary experience for many people. Tooth decay can be caused by a multitude of things, such as bad dental hygiene, poor diet, infections, drug usage and periodontal defects.

In severe cases where removal of all the teeth is necessary some of the options available are permanent fixed dentures—otherwise known as implants—or removable dentures which look like a set of teeth that you can remove from your mouth. There are two parts to each denture, to fit both parts of the mouth, the mandibular arch—as in the lower jaw and the maxillary arch—as in the upper jaw.

History of Orthodontics and Dentures

The Etruscans were the first ancient race to effectively invent false teeth. When the teeth of the living fell out they used the teeth of the dead as substitutes. Without human teeth they resorted to animal teeth to make temporary dentures. George Washington was a famous owner of a set of a dentures that included ivory, gold and real human teeth. In 1770 Alexis Duchateau was credited with building the first set of porcelain dentures and later, in 1791 Nicholas Dubois De Chemant was awarded the first British patent for his false teeth. He began selling his own porcelain teeth a year later in 1792.

It is vital that when a person is being fitted for dentures that they are fitted correctly. Initially, the fitting starts by taking molds of the mouth using a kind of dental putty. The gums will take some time to settle once the teeth are all extracted, but the mold should remain stable as a starting point to mold the material that will form the ‘gums’ of the new dentures. The teeth are fashioned in a similar style to the teeth the owner already had, or as close as possible to a likeness. A final fitting is usually made just to make sure the dentures are comfortable. Browse the site for more details.

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