The Different Types of Entrance Doors

The entryway for your business is the first thing that prospective customers will see as they approach the building and the last thing that they see before leaving, making it very important. You want the entrance to be inviting, as it should welcome potential customers into the building. The type of entrance doors that you choose is vital to the building’s overall appearance, making this is a very important decision. Consider a variety of different doors and select the one that works best for the environment that you are trying to create.

Glass Doors
If you are running any type of store, glass entrance doors might be your best bet. These doors allow customers to see inside of the store before they enter, which can make the store more appealing. They also let a great deal of natural light into the building and this creates a warm environment for your customers. The main drawback is that despite being reinforced, glass doors are easier to break into than other door types. Those who are concerned about theft might want to choose a door that it more difficult to break.

Steel Doors
Although they are less welcoming, steel doors can be set up in a way that customers will enjoy. These doors are generally very heavy, so you might want to pair them up with an automatic operator. Many businesses also choose to put vision panels in their steel doors, which allows customers to see into the building and provides a little bit of natural light. While this type of door will never be as inviting as glass, it is much more secure and it nearly impossible to break into without some serious tools.

Fiberglass Doors
In most cases, you will see fiberglass doors in hospitals, laboratories, and manufacturing plants because they are resistant against corrosion and bacteria. These doors are relatively light, yet are strong and can stand up against all kinds of abuse. It is rare that you would see these doors in the entryway of a building, but they are commonly found in the entry of a room. For example, if your business shares a building with a couple of other companies, having these fiberglass doors divide the businesses makes a lot of sense.

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