The disadvantages of waste disposal

Any civilised society generates waste; waste is a by-product of living in an industrialised country which produces product for consumption. The amount of waste that is being generated continues to grow; a lot of it is the result of rural populations migrating to densely packed urban centres.

Traditionally, waste management in Minneapolis MN relied heavily on simply disposing of it in landfills, incinerating it or dumping it in the ocean. These methods of waste disposal in Minneapolis MN are no longer viable options, planet Earth is suffering badly and for our ecosystem to survive in the long term, effective waste management systems must be implemented.

Sanitary landfill, the disadvantages:

Over half of all waste generated in the UK ends up in a landfill. This percentage is common in all societies which are similarly industrialised. Sanitary landfills are no longer an acceptable way to dispose of the ever increasing mountain of waste; these disposal sites harbour diseases which can be spread by vermin which thrive on the garbage. Over the many years that most landfills have been in use, pathogens have found their way into the water table. Although much of the waste is covered there are still many sites where the waste is burned, filling the air with pollutants.

Ocean disposal, the disadvantages:

It is a sad fact that there is an increase in disposing of waste into the world’s oceans. To those responsible for this it makes sense, it is a cheap and convenient way to dispose of waste. Facts don’t lie, there is ample evidence that this method of waste disposal is the cause of destruction in the natural food offered by the sea; in turn there is a corresponding detrimental impact on the food chain. The big losers are the consumers. It is not only the destruction of a food source; it also destroys the plankton and algae which is necessary for a healthy ocean.

Incineration, the disadvantages:

Incineration is one of the better methods of waste management in Minneapolis MN. Although superior to disposal in landfills or the ocean, incineration still has disadvantages. Incinerators are expense to construct and expensive to operate and they generate by-products that harm the ozone layer.

Recycling is the best way at the moment to overcome the disadvantages associated with the traditional method of waste management in Minneapolis MN. Organic waste can be composted; non-organic waste steel, glass, aluminium etc. can be separated and recycled.

When proper waste disposal methods are employed there are significant benefits whereas when waste is disposed of improperly there are serious repercussions for Earth and every living thing on it.

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