The Economics of a Solar Panel in Palm Springs, CA

If you are looking at your expenses, you might notice how high your electric bill has gotten. During the winter, your electric bill probably isn’t too bad but during the summer, it is likely very high. Keeping your home cool through a long summer involves running the air conditioner an awful lot, though during the winter when it’s dark in the morning and gets dark in the early evening, you have to turn on your lights for much longer.

These types of expenses are the things that drive up your electric bill. To keep your bill down, you should use blinds and curtains, and also, use your lights as little as possible. However, you should also consider a solar panel. A panel can help you save a lot of money.

Do the Math

The math is pretty simple on a solar panel in Palm Springs, CA. There is the price of the panel and the price of the installation. You can then estimate how many kilowatt hours you can glean from solar power, and that number should be compared to the price of your electricity as it stands now. At some point, the price of purchase and installation of your panel will be less than the price of your electricity now. That is the balance point at which you start saving money.

The Balance Point

The point at which your solar panel installation is no longer more expensive than the aggregation of your monthly bill is the balance point or the break-even point. The point is somewhere in the future for almost every panel installation, you just need to determine how far in the future it is for you and if it is worth the wait.

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