The Experience of Driving the New Jaguar XE

It is very difficult to find a sedan that is fun and exciting to drive. Perhaps it is not a surprise that the Jaguar XE can offer that experience while also providing a luxury interior and exceptional ride.

In Philadelphia, as well as across the country, the Jaguar name is already linked to an exceptional vehicle. The XE offers everything the bigger models have, just in a smaller, more maneuverable package.

Interior Luxury

While the exterior of the Jaguar XE is sporty looking, the interior is designed for luxury. The standard features are amazing in the choice of materials, the attention to design and detail, and the craftsmanship in creating a beautiful yet functional cabin area.

The technology in the cabin is amazing. The gauge cluster and infotainment system are state-of-the-art, and controls are automated and intuitive, creating a streamlined dash that looks very sleek and minimal while still providing the latest in features and options. Apple Car Play and Android Auto are standard. Buyers can opt for the In Control Touch Pro Duo that includes a second touchscreen for vehicle and climate control settings.

Added Touches

Drivers in Philadelphia will appreciate the head-up display and the ability to see all necessary data, including posted speed limits, without needing to take your eyes off the road. It is also possible to choose from a range of different driving mode options, which actually change the engine, steering, and the vehicle’s overall performance based on specific weather and driving conditions.

There is a range of standard and available safety features offered in the Jaguar XE Philadelphia. The various trim options provide buyers the option to choose the features they want to customize their car.

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