The First Arrest for DUI Requires a DUI Law Attorney in Burley ID to Handle

A person who is arrested and charged with a DUI in Idaho is facing up to six months in jail, up to $1,000 in fines, and a license suspension of 90 to 180 days if they are convicted of the crime. This is on top of other administrative fees and penalties that are automatic for an arrest like this, such as a mandatory suspension if they refuse to take the BAC (blood alcohol test) when they’re arrested. It’s imperative the person contacts a DUI Law Attorney in Burley ID as soon as possible after their arrest.

The conviction doesn’t just include the possibility of jail time and fines. It also stays on their record and is something they will need to reveal to prospective employers. Depending on the situation, they can have worse penalties as well since the above are just for a basic first offense. The penalties can be worse if they caused an accident, their BAC was excessive, or if they had a child in the vehicle at the time of their arrest. This means further penalties and they could be charged with a felony, which will mean they lose some of their basic rights if they are convicted.

Just because they failed the field sobriety and BAC tests and was arrested doesn’t mean they are guilty. Their guilt still needs to be proven in court like every other criminal case. This is why it’s imperative they hire an attorney for help. The attorney will do as much as possible to minimize the chance of them being convicted of the charge and will work to reduce the penalties if they are convicted. This means the charge will have a much lower impact on their future and can mean they are able to avoid a conviction on their record altogether.

If you’ve been arrested for the first time for a DUI, it’s crucial you contact a DUI Law Attorney in Burley ID right away for help. They are familiar with the local courts and laws so they can help you significantly reduce your chances of being convicted and receiving the maximum penalties. Contact us now to speak with a lawyer who is ready to help you.

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