The Future of Engine Repair in Wheeling IL When Autonomous Cars Become Available

The future of motor vehicle engine repair in Wheeling IL may be encountering some huge changes in the next decade or so. One of the most dramatic potential changes to the automotive industry in general is the self-driving vehicle, predicted to have enormous effects on society. Accident rates are expected to plummet to near zero, while millions of driving jobs also are expected to be lost.

No Parked Cars?

One major change if autonomous vehicles become prevalent is that those vehicles will not sit idle for hours on end the way today’s cars and pickup trucks do. The most likely scenario is that a car would be owned by a company that rents it out as needed to various customers for purposes such as the daily commute, grocery shopping and picking up the kids from school. Many people would be able to use this one car throughout the day and night.

More Mileage More Quickly

What does that mean for engine repair in Wheeling IL? Engines will rack up miles much more quickly than they do now since each vehicle will be on the road most of the time instead of parked. Even though it’s likely that fewer vehicles will be produced each year, automotive technicians should still have plenty of work. There may be a strong trend for companies that rent out these cars to employ their own mechanics, but that is just speculation.

Additional Factors to Affect Mechanics

It also may take a long time for society to give up on the idea of private individual ownership of cars and pickup trucks. And although computer programming will be integral for autonomous cars, the vehicles are still made of physical, mechanical parts that wear out over time.

Concluding Thoughts

For now, making precise predictions about the future of automotive repair is impossible. Driverless vehicles will likely not be available for purchase for at least three to five more years. In the meantime, vehicle owners can bring their cars and trucks to a garage such as Dundee & Wolf Automotive for engine work and other service. See for details on the services provided there. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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