The Importance of Changing Bad Habits Before Placement of Dental Implants

Before being able to have a dental implant in Deerfield, the patient might be required to change certain bad habits that could cause future problems. Smoking and poor oral hygiene are two habits that can lead to failure of the implanted rod. Dentists typically expect patients to modify these behaviors before the process takes place.

Inadequate oral hygiene may have contributed to tooth loss. Because implants are very similar to natural teeth, the patient must be diligent about brushing and flossing all the permanent teeth, including artificial ones. Not flossing can lead to gum inflammation, medically known as periodontal disease. Serious periodontal disease causes the gum tissue to swell and bleed. It also causes damage to jaw cartilage and bone. The permanent artificial teeth and some of the natural teeth might become loose. Patients should become more committed to caring for their oral health before getting a dental implant in Deerfield.

Many dentists will not place implants for patients who smoke tobacco. This habit is a distinct risk factor for a failed procedure. Toxins in cigarette and cigar smoke are harmful to the gum tissue. Smoking also increases the risk of losing bone strength and density, medically known as osteoporosis. Although people tend to think of osteoporosis as mainly affecting the vertebral and hip bones, it affects all bone structures in the body. Without sufficient jawbone strength and density, the rods are not adequately supported.

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