The Importance of Precision Commercial Cleaning

Just a tiny amount of contamination (too small for the eyes to see) can wreak havoc with some kinds of equipment and machinery. This has brought about the need for special cleaning processes and precision cleaning is a vital part of many industries today. Here is more about precision cleaning services like oxygen cleaning and other methods, and the important role they play in business today.

What is Precision Cleaning?

Many businesses require parts and equipment to be ultra clean and this takes special equipment. In fact, this method is designed to clean away contaminants on a microscopic scale and there are several methods utilized today.

Who Uses Precision Cleaning?

You will find special cleaning method employed in the aerospace and medical industry. These things also require special cleaning:

 * Lasers
 * Semiconductors
 * Oxygen services
 * Heat exchangers
 * Some auto parts

What Kind of Precision Cleaning Service are Available?

Ultrasonic cleaning methods are most commonly used. This involves the use of high energy sound waves (ultrasound). This technology can clean and sterilize and is sometimes used in oxygen cleaning for equipment which routinely comes into contact with oxygen (breathing circuits). Ultrasound may be used in combination with several other cleaning processes. For example:

 * Immersion – in order to get some parts cleaned, they are immersed in a solvent solution. Soaking for a time can help to loosen many kinds of contaminants. However, immersion is sometimes only the first step in a precision cleaning process. It is not unusual to follow it up with ultrasonic cleaning, to make the entire process more effective. This method is often used for parts with passages and blind holes.

 * Aqueous – used for parts requiring prolonged soaking. It is a safe and eco friendly method because its main component is water which has been deionized or purified by reverse osmosis. In addition, detergents or other wetting agents are commonly added. Aqueous cleaning is used to remove many different types of dirt and soil and can work with a variety of chemicals.

 * Carbon dioxide cleaning – some precision cleaning methods use CO2. Liquid CO2 is used along with other cleaning agents to effectively dissolve contaminants. Compressed CO2 gas is sometimes sprayed on parts for cleaning. This is referred to as the snow cleaning method because of the frosty material the CO2 creates. CO2 cleaning is used for high tech parts, cutting equipment, optical equipment and in the aerospace industry.

Many businesses are benefiting from precision cleaning, including special oxygen cleaning for the medical industry. These services help to keep parts and materials clean and improve many of the products and services available to consumers.

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