The Importance of Using Veterinarians Stafford VA For Vaccinations and Pet Wellness

Your pet is a part of your family. Because one of your most important jobs as the head of your family is to keep everyone safe and healthy, vaccinations and wellness care are as important for your beloved pet as they are for your children. A veterinarian can take care of your pet starting from the day they join your family. Establishing a relationship with a good veterinarian as early as possible in your pet’s life so your pet will feel comfortable if he is ever sick or injured and needs veterinary care.

Whether you have a puppy, a kitten or a fully grown dog or cat, a veterinarian can provide the care your pet needs to live a long and healthy life. Starting with early immunizations to prevent common pet diseases, a veterinarian can care for your pet throughout his lifetime. Though young pets need more frequent visits to Veterinarians Stafford VA pet owners only need to bring their healthy adult pets once a year for an annual checkup.

Because every pet has different needs, your veterinarian will work with you to develop a wellness schedule to meet your pet’s needs. Some breeds are more susceptible to certain diseases and your veterinarian may need to see your pet more frequently to watch for signs of illness so they can prevent complications. Some diseases may even be preventable with appropriate vaccines and preventive care.

If your pet does develop a disease, a regular wellness schedule will help your veterinarian diagnose him early so he can be effectively treated. The earlier a condition is discovered, the easier it is for your veterinarian to extend the life of your pet. Veterinarians understand that your pet is a valued member of your family and will work with you to keep your pet happy and as healthy as possible through his entire lifetime.

When selecting Veterinarians Stafford VA look for convenient office hours and a wide variety of services, including hospital services for ill or injured pets. Dumfries Animal Hospital offers vaccinations, wellness care, emergency care and surgical services seven days a week at their convenient Main Street location.

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