The Importance Of Wellness Care At An Animal Clinic In Lenexa KS

Regular wellness visits for pets will ensure that they have a great start and that they’ll continue to stay healthy throughout their lifetime. Below you’ll learn what an Animal clinic Lenexa KS veterinarian will do during a pet wellness check and the importance of regular visits.

First Visits

When you get a puppy or kitten, the most important thing that you can do is to schedule a wellness visit with your veterinarian. The vet will give your baby animal a complete physical to make sure that your new pet is healthy. The vet will give your puppy or kitten the recommended vaccinations and a parasite dewormer. Before leaving the clinic, you can make the next appointment for your pet to receive any additional vaccinations.

Care For Adult Animals

When your pet becomes an adult, the animal should still regularly visit the veterinarian for wellness checks. Adult care includes a physical examination and health screenings for specific diseases. If your pet has any health conditions, it’s important that these issues are addressed as soon as possible. If your pet doesn’t receive the proper treatment in a timely manner, the health condition will get worse. Click here for more details.

Senior Animal Care

When a dog or cat reaches the age of seven, this is considered the start of the senior years for these animals. As your pet ages, there are additional health issues that your vet will want to check for. These may include diabetes, heart disease, joint issues and liver disease. To test for these conditions, your vet will need to take blood samples from your pet. Your vet may recommend a special diet for your senior pet, especially if the animal is overweight. Since the immune system of a senior pet decreases with age, an Animal clinic Lenexa KS vet will want to make sure that your older pet stays as healthy as possible.

Cherokee Animal Clinic offers full-service vet care for your pets. Their services include wellness care, urgent care, dental procedures, surgery, boarding, and grooming. If you need veterinary care for your dog, cat, small animal or bird, visit to schedule an appointment.

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