The Increasing Popularity Of Niche Wheels

The aftermarket industry in the United States as well as around the world is highly competitive. Companies that can come up with new technologies, new designs and new features on their products rise in popularity year after year. Niche wheels are one such aftermarket product that continues to be a company to watch.

One of the many reasons that Niche wheels continue to hold this position is the company’s commitment to quality wheels at affordable prices. There are several lines of beautifully designed wheels for passenger vehicles, SUVs and trucks that are priced at well under a thousand dollars for the set of four, definitely making them wheels worth considering.

Styles in Niche Wheels

Unlike some wheel manufacturers that are after one specific market, Niche wheels are designed to work with any model, type and even age of vehicle to make a great addition and upgrade to OEM or older aftermarket wheels.

Different lines are manufactured for sporty cars and passenger vehicles while other lines of these wheels are designed for the luxury sedan market and the light trucks and SUVs. You will find many models in sizes from seventeen to twenty-two inches, but these are also those that are available in twenty-four inch sizes as well.

Spoke Styles and Designs

With Niche wheels, you will find a good selection of spoke styles and designs, which is yet another factor to add to the plus side of choosing this brand. You will see that they offer the very classic look of the standard five-spoke wheel with the classic wide and flat spoke or with additional detail to the edge of the spokes.

From there you will see double spokes, wide double spokes, staggered spokes and multi-spoke designs. Most of these Niche wheels have a very open design and are carefully created to work with the larger caliper brake upgrades that are popular on many vehicles today.

Colors and Finishes

As is to be expected with top quality Niche wheels, the company provides a range of different colors and finishes with their rims. Popular options include a gunmetal, which is a burnished looking silver, to chrome, silver, bronze, black, white and anthracite, which is a unique graphite color of wheel with a matte type of finish.

From classic styles to something very modern and stylish, Niche wheels offers it all in a good range of different price points and wheel designs. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you will find Niche rims that have just the right look.

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