The Ingredients In Healthy Dog Chews For Puppies

Many of the ingredients in dog and puppy food, as well as the ingredients in chew bones for old and young dogs, can be more than a bit confusing. Often people are told to buy healthy dog chews for puppies that contain only “human food” ingredients, but these foods are not always healthy for dogs or puppies.

The other common misunderstanding is that any word that looks difficult to pronounce is most likely a harmful, artificial type of chemical or ingredient. In fact, this could not be further from the truth with many scientific names used to designated essential vitamins and minerals needed for growth and development.

Real Foods

It is important to look for real foods at the top of the list of ingredients. This includes words like chicken, pigskin, rice, evaporated milk and even peanut butter. Words like chicken by-product or chicken meal are not the same as chicken, but they do indicate chicken is used in the product, just a ground and dry rendered form of meal. The chicken by-product is the entire carcass, including bones and offal, as well as some feathers.

Harder to Pronounce Ingredients

Further down the list of ingredients, healthy dog chews for puppies will include some chemical sounding terms. For example, d-calcium pantothenate sounds like a potentially problematic ingredient, until you realize this is Vitamin B-5, which is necessary for metabolizing food and generating energy in the body.

Thiamine hydrochloride is Thiamine, which is necessary for carbohydrate metabolism in the dog’s body. Riboflavin Supplement is Vitamin B-2, which helps in developing healthy skin and eye.

In addition, all healthy dog chews for puppies will need to have preservatives. This prevents the meat and real food products in the chews from going rancid in the packaging. These preservatives are used in human foods as well and provide a safe dog chew you can feel good about giving your puppy throughout life.

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