The Joys of Having Pizza Delivered

Even guests in hotels with room service may feel like ordering delivery now and then. When thinking of ordering something for delivery, one of the first things that will come to mind is pizza. The nice thing is that obtaining Pizzas in Oahu is not that difficult, even for people who are staying in hotels.

Checking for Special Discounts

When the taste buds are demanding a slice or two of pizza, but the desire to get dressed and go out is just not there, it helps to know that many hotels have discounted deals with local restaurants that deliver. This includes parlors that offer all sorts of Pizzas in Oahu. Typically, the guest resources left in each room provide details about which local eateries do deliver to the hotel, and which ones offer special pricing to the guests. That makes it all the easier to identify a pizza parlor that will deliver and provide a great deal.

The Ordering Process

The traditional way of ordering pizza while a guest in a hotel is to make a phone call. This is certainly quick and easy, and will get the job done. If the pizza place also has a website, it is often possible to place the order online. With both scenarios, be sure to use any special code that is needed to claim that guest discount.

The Delivery

In many cases, the delivery person will bring the pizza directly to the room or suite. If the pizza was not paid for in advance, then make sure to have the cash on hand to finish the transaction. Even if the order was paid for online or over the phone, it never hurts to have cash on hand to provide a tip. While the fare offered by room service may be great, there are times when nothing but a pizza loaded with everything will do. When that happens, it helps to know that a guest can pick up the phone, call Papa John’s of Hawaii, and have a hot fresh pizza on the way within minutes. All it takes is knowing what type of pizza is desired, placing the order, and then sitting back and waiting for it to show up.

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