The Lawsuit and a Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia

The difference of opinion regarding whose fault an auto accident is may lead to the filing of a lawsuit. If you have suffered injury, and wish to recover financial costs related to this injury, consider retaining a personal injury attorney Olympia. This legal expert will guide you through the legal requirements of filing of a lawsuit.

Beginning the Process

It is the responsibility of the injured party to file a lawsuit, and this party carries the burden of proof. In an attempt to recover financial losses, evidence must be entered into a court of law showing the plaintiff is entitled to compensation. The plaintiff is required to meet with an attorney to begin this legal process.

The plaintiff will list charges against the defendant to be filed in the lawsuit. This will include why the defendant was at fault for the accident. The work of an attorney is to review the charges and to approve that a law has been broken.

Once the attorney agrees with the charges, the personal injury attorney in Olympia will draft a legal document and file it with the court of law. It is legally required to serve the defendant a copy of the lawsuit, and this must be completed by certified mail or a sheriff.

The Defendant’s Response

Once the defendant is served the lawsuit, he or she must respond within the timeframe of 30 days. The response, the defendant, provides must individually address the charges filed against them.

If complications arise and a response can’t be provided within 30 days, the defendant should file an extension with the court.

Learning the Details of the Case

The discovery process is the time for the parties involved in a lawsuit to make a number of exchanges between each other. These may involve questions, oral testimony and documentation, which will prove either parties case in court

The most effective method to help with building a strong case is by providing thorough and accurate responses.

Finally, to help in all areas of the lawsuit consider retaining the professional services at The Sadler Law Firm for legal advice and guidance.

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