The Most Creative Uses for Bistro Lights

Brides and grooms across the country all embark upon planning their wedding with one common goal: to create the most beautiful and ideal event, according to their own desires and visions. Lighting is one way to meet that goal spectacularly. However, choosing just the right type of lighting, as well as how to set it up, can be a difficult task. Bistro lights for a wedding in Dallas are quite popular, but you may be interested in using them in a way that’s a little different from the norm. You can find a few ideas down below.

Suspended Waterfalls

You don’t have to hang bistro lights for a wedding in Dallas in the traditional banner-like style! Rather, you can really get creative with it by playing around with how you suspend each string of lights. One way to do it would involve playing with bistro lights of different lengths, hanging them close to one another in one long row. Doing this will create a glowing waterfall effect, and is perfect as a backdrop for your wedding photos, or even just to add extra decoration to your venue.

A Canopied Reception Area

You can also hang bistro lights for your wedding in Dallas just above the dinner table at your reception. This idea can work for both indoor and outdoor venues, but is guaranteed to look the best when used for outdoor evening weddings. You can leave them hanging straight if you wish, or string them up horizontally for a gorgeous, chandelier-esque effect.

Guiding the Way

Bistro lights can also be used for the entry path to your reception area, especially if your wedding will be held outdoors. With a bit of expert handiwork, you can bundle numerous strings of bistro lights together into an arc shape, creating a lit, tunnel-like path to your wedding festivities or for the bride’s walk down the aisle. While this option is a bit more costly, it’s truly a gorgeous spectacle that will enhance any outdoor evening ceremony.

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