The Options Africa Internet Providers May Offer For Remote Access

When a business relies on the internet to complete day to day work, sales and management, it is critical for that business to carefully choose the right internet provider.

Depending on where in Africa the business is located or where you need to have internet access for off-site connectivity, the options offered by the various Africa internet providers will be important. In large cities in any country, there will be multiple providers and many different plans to choose from. In remote or difficult to access areas, or in rural or undeveloped areas, there will be fewer Africa internet providers and fewer options to consider.

To assist businesses in understanding the common options offered by Africa internet providers in remote areas, an overview of the benefits of this type of connection is helpful.


VSAT uses a two-way connection set up through a small dish that is set to transmit and receive data from a satellite. This is a highly effective option for even the most remote locations and offers narrow and broadband applications as well as secure link connections.

The dish itself can be moved and all that is required is a clear view of the sky to allow unimpeded communication. It is easy to operate and is also highly scalable to meet the needs of the business.

Options in VSAT

By choosing one of the top Africa internet providers with a solid reputation in customer service, support and system uptime, the VSAT connection provides the business with the connectivity it needs to compete on a global stage.

Some providers offer a shared VSAT service, which can be very cost effective for businesses. A dedicated service connects one business only and offers the highest levels of security, connectivity and the dedicated bandwidth the company requires both now as well as during future growth and expansion.

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