The Problem of Uneven Concrete Slabs

To begin with, uneven slabs in your driveway or sidewalk result from soil drainage beneath the slab. While you can drive over sunken or crooked cement slabs in your driveway, the problem isn’t caused by weight crossing over the slab, however gently. Instead, it occurs when water beneath the slab moves soil and sand to a different part of the driveway. That forces one end of the slab to rise up and the other end to dip like a see-saw. The resulting problems create an uneven walking or driving surface while sand collects in one corner or side of the slab. It can be addressed by a driveway repair Denverservice.

To begin with, the repair involves lifting the concrete slab and filling the space evacuated by the sand and dirt beneath it. The Concrete Lifting corrects the problem using either slab jacking or concrete levelling with a mud injection or closed cell polymer expanding foam. The injected material pushes the concrete slab back into position. It’s a tough job to get done right. The factors determining success include the thickness of the concrete slab and how old it is. With the right circumstances, a concrete slab in the driveway, walkway, swimming pool deck and patio can be repaired with concrete lifting and leveling.

Above all, the Driveway Repair Denver can diagnose the problem, deliver an accurate estimate of whether your slab of concrete can be leveled and what the end cost can be. In addition, the Concrete Lifting can be accomplished without any of the cost and hassle of replacement of concrete slabs. The repair can be long-lasting too. Concrete levelling can be the most convenient way to solve the problem. The concrete slab can be restored to its original state and look much more attractive while it serves you better.

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