The Pros and Cons of Terrazzo Flooring Tile

One of the fastest growing flooring options has been terrazzo flooring tile. While some people are unaware of what this material is or how it looks, it can provide a beautiful look for both commercial and residential spaces. As you explore this option, it’s important to consider the pros and cons.

Why Choose This Tile

First and foremost, terrazzo tile comes in an array of colors and makes a beautiful addition to any room. These tiles are also lightweight and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles to ensure you can find the perfect fit for your home or business. The non-porous surface resists scratches, dings and stains and won’t require sealing, though it may need refinishing in the future. If you are replacing older flooring, terrazzo flooring tile can be installed right on top of the old floor, even in high traffic areas.

One of the most important factors many people today are considering is how environmentally friendly a material is. When it comes to terrazzo flooring tile, it is typically made of 72 percent post-consumer materials. Another major benefit is their customizability. Even though they come in a variety of amazing colors, they can also be customized to match the decor in your home or business.

Potential Cons

Every material has its own set of cons. When it comes to terrazzo flooring tile, there are a few potential cons you should consider before making your final decision. These tiles are difficult to install on your own, which means you will need to hire professionals to perform the task for you. Once the tiles are installed, they can become quite slippery when they are wet. However, you may be able to apply a non-stick surface to help with this issue.

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