The Reality Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry in Salisbury and elsewhere in North Carolina State is a growing field. It is all about the individual’s search for the ideal smile. This battle to obtain a “Hollywood” or “Movie Star” or Celebrity” smile has been going on for decades. In fact, individuals among certain classes have always tried to conceal any lack or imperfection of teeth. They have used dentures commonly known as falsies. In some instances, whoever passed as dentists in the time period paid for the real teeth of the dead in order to provide their products.

Twentieth Century Glamour

The movement towards achieving that perfect smile did not really take hold among all levels of the public until the arrival of movies. Both silent and talking pictures made stars of certain individuals. They set precedents of how women and men should look if they wanted to be successful. The result was a cult of the Hollywood Star. Among their many characteristics, these celebrities became known for their brilliant and astonishingly white smiles.

The attempt to look like a movie star became popular among all levels of society. The dress, the cut of hair and the latest model cars were all part of the “movie star look”. People also sought to recreate the movie star smile. To achieve this, many began to look toward cosmetic dentistry in Salisbury NC and elsewhere throughout the United States, dentists began to arrive at solutions. They sought ways to replace and enhance teeth to recreate the ideal smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Today

The Hollywood Star system began the search for the perfect smile and cosmetic dentistry was born. It continues today as newer methods are available to help people find their smile. Cosmetic dentists will:

Whiten teeth

Replace teeth with veneers (laminates)

Add crowns or caps

Perform implants

Create cosmetic dentures

Straighten teeth

This search is all part of what the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) says is the stress Americans – both male and female, place on a smile. They see it as being important to both their social and economic well-being. Overall, many people perceive a smile as the best way to be attractive to your preferred sex and to get ahead in your employment.

Many people turn to cosmetic dentistry. Salisbury NC specialists note they do so to improve their chances on both a social and employment scale. Yet people do require cosmetic surgery for other instances as well. In instances of major dental flaws from reasons such as dental trauma, cosmetic dentistry is one way for these individuals to gain back a part of their life they thought lost forever.

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