The tasks of a landscape architect

Landscape architects in Round Rock are responsible for the design of gardens, parks and other outdoor spaces. In co-operation with contractors, building companies and other architectural firms, they work on collaborative projects where the external design has a significant impact on the overall feel of the building. Landscape architects are in demand globally and are often at the leading edge of green design and green construction.

The education required to become a landscape architect is a minimum of four years post graduate course in landscape architecture. This course is usually taken at an accredited university but community colleges also offer the course of studies. The courses focus on water distribution, grading, all elements of design and the environment and its impact on the design. Many people who purse landscape architecture have a natural affinity for nature and natural beauty.

Landscape architects in Round Rock spend their days doing two definitive things. They sit at their design tables, pouring over topographical data and designing the project, they also work in the field supervising the implementation of the designs which have been approved by the clients. The client base can be private individuals, corporations or the government. Many landscape architects are either in their own practice or they work in larger firms of general architects or civil engineers.

The projects typically start with a request from the potential client for a design. The landscape architect will meet with the client and listen to what his plans are and attempt to determine just what the overall parameters might be. He gets an idea of the timing, when the project should start and finish as well as the budget that is available. Armed with this information the landscape architect will visit the site. During this visit he is usually accompanied by an assistant and between the two of them they can take some raw measurements and perhaps shoot a few elevations using a surveyor’s transit and level. The existing soil conditions are noted as is any existing landscaping. Water drainage and water management is noted, all of these elements are significant to the final design.

Often the landscape architects in Round Rock will prepare multiple ideas for presentation to the client. These designs are conceptual in nature and are usually done using cad-cam computer software. This modern software makes it possible for the architects to give the owner a good idea of what the design will be like as it matures over as many as five years or more. This aspect is important in landscape design as it may take that long for some of the plants to mature.

Once one of the designs has been approved by the client, an estimate is made. The estimate includes the project cost in its entirety including the detailed design, the cost of the landscape contractor who does the work and the plants.

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