The Three Most Important Elements When Planning Funerals In Hazleton PA

The most devastating part of losing a loved one is making decisions regarding a funeral, as it can often be traumatic to have to discuss end of life details when the pain associated with the loss is fresh in a person’s mind and heart. Before a person attempts to start the planning process, they should consider the following elements, which are the three most important aspects of Funerals in Hazleton PA. Proper planning will help make the process easier and provide a family with much needed time for mourning.


While the more traditional option to handle a person’s remains is to have them embalmed and buried, many families are choosing to cremate the remains of their loved one, due in part to the money savings associated with the process and the flexibility it provides to the family in regards to planning a memorial service. Be sure to discuss the two options and choose the one that is best suited to the needs of the family and the desires of the deceased.

Service Location

Another decision that can be complicated to make is where the funeral service will be held. While a home church might be willing to host the services, many funeral companies will allow a family to use their facilities for the memorial service for an affordable cost. The most important consideration is choosing a location that will provide peace and comfort to those who are mourning the loss.

Obituary preparation

The best way to communicate the death of a person is to have an obituary published in a local newspaper. The hard part is writing it, so it serves s a memorial of the individual’s life. Fortunately, a company that coordinates Funerals in Hazleton PA can help, and often have a writer on staff who can prepare the obituary and have it ready to be published in a matter of hours.

When a loved one passes, it can be devastating, but fortunately, there is help available. The caring and compassionate staff at Cremation Specialists of Pennsylvania can help with each step of the process, and provide a family with the support they need. Contact them today and see why they have been a trusted provider of funeral planning for more than 20 years.

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