The Water Filter in Macon, GA Can Recommend Water Filtration Equipment

The science of water filtration has advanced in recent years to become an effective method of purifying the drinking water. However, there are many types of filtration systems and each will have a different level of filtration. Before buying a filtration system, you should study what levels of harmful substances are in your water because not every filtration system will filter out the same chemicals, minerals, and sediment. Bacteria and viruses will only be reduced by water purification systems.

The water filter market offers three basic types of filtration systems. Unpleasant tastes and odors can be filtered out by using active carbon granules. This system is not effective in reducing metals, sediments, and other particles and microbes. This system does not have any filters to be replaced; it relies on the carbon granules to filter the water.

Another filtration system which is effective in reducing every unhealthy particle from the water except bacteria and viruses is the Reverse Osmosis system which will reduce the levels of lead and arsenic to a safe level as well as sediments and dissolved solids. This system has three filters and a membrane in a tank which catches solids. This system should be serviced by a filtration technician every three months. Water Filter in Macon, GA is a good source for further information.

The Dual Stage filtration system is another system for reducing every organic matter which the Reverse Osmosis will except it will not reduce dissolved solids. An expert water filtration technician will be able to tell you whether this is a problem in your area. The Dual Stage uses two effective filters.

The filtration systems can be installed in convenient locations, and the size of the system is a determining factor. A Reverse Osmosis system can be installed under a sink, but it would be useful only for that sink. A line can be run to an ice maker if needed.

New technology has come to the filtration systems by the new high-tech filters . The new membrane design for the Reverse Osmosis system is a significant improvement over the older models. Water Filter in Macon, GA can recommend sources for these products.

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