There Are Safe Solutions To Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins on someone’s body can leave them feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. Covering up the spider veins during colder months is easy, but during the summer can add even more discomfort because of the heat. There is a safe and non-invasive Spider Vein Treatment that will eliminate these veins safely and quickly. Spider veins are small varicose veins under the skin. Laser treatment is a wonderful opportunity to remove the spider veins, but cannot be used for larger varicose veins. Larger varicose veins are deeper vessels than spider veins. This type of treatment is recommended for spider veins that are no larger than 4mm wide.

Laser treatment for Spider Vein Treatment heats the hemoglobin from the energy that is absorbed and the closes off the blood vessel. Once the blood vessel is closed, the vein will disappear over the next two to six weeks. Topical number cream will be used to minimize any very minor discomfort caused by this treatment. The amount of veins that need to be treated will determine how long an appointment will take. There are many advantages to using a laser versus sclerotherapy. The largest advantage to this type of treatment is it has fewer side effects and is less painful than treatment through sclerotherapy.

There is no recovery time needed for this treatment and never a need to wear compression socks. The surrounding area of the treatment will not be traumatized due to the procedure, and it takes much less time to complete treatment with a laser than traditional procedures. Blood vessels that are larger will require sclerotherapy or a more involved procedure and will be unable to be treated with a laser. Individuals who are pregnant should not receive treatment for their spider veins until after the pregnancy is complete. If there is an active skin infection present, laser treatment will not be able to be completed.

If you want to eliminate unsightly spider veins, laser treatment can help. The treatment is easy, fast and does not require any type of hospital stay because there is no recovery time needed. For more information on laser treatment, please feel free to visit You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.


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