Things To Check Before Choosing E-juice

With the rise in popularity of e-cigarettes, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of companies manufacturing e-liquid. While this is great because it provides a lot of unique flavors and even different price points, there is also the need to be careful in choosing the right e-juice and a manufacturer that is developing and marketing a top quality product.

There are a few important pointers and tips that will help you to ensure you are buying a quality e-liquid. By keeping these issues in mind you can still try new brands and options without any risk of ending up with something that is low quality or even substandard in production and ingredients.

Go With a Recognized Brand

When you select a brand of e-juice you have purchased before, even if you are trying a new or different flavor, you are buying from a known source. A quick check online through a search should provide you with information on the company and where the product is made.

By shopping online or in person with a reputable e-cig and accessories store, you also have the assurance of knowing they are only buying from reputable e-liquid companies. Some of the local vape shops may be more likely to buy from local manufacturers that may not be using consistent, quality ingredients and manufacturing processes.


All e-liquids are made from the same general ingredients. Some may have more PG or propylene glycol while others may have more VG or vegetable glycine. This should always be USP-grade products, which is important for purity and consistency issues.

In addition, there will be flavorings added. There are even options to add specific types of chemicals to the mixture to give the cooling sensation of menthol. Different types of flavoring and ingredients can cause issues with the performance of e-cigs, so that will be important to consider.

Your Vaping Preferences

Most people tend to have a preference for flavors of e-juice. Some will prefer fruit or more citrus flavors, sweet flavors or creamy varieties. Yet others may prefer more traditional types of tobacco flavors when enjoying their vaping experience.

Regardless of the flavor selected, remember that the higher PG levels in the e-liquid that stronger the throat hit and the stronger and cleaner the e-liquid will vaporize. Higher VG levels tend to create a slightly sweeter aftertaste along with significantly more vapor and build-up of residue in the e-cig.

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