Things to Know About Window Glass Services in Germantown, MD

Windows are replaced for a variety of reasons. New ones aren’t drafty, they’re easier to clean, and they are more efficient than old windows. However, these improvements do not justify paying several hundred dollars per window in an effort to lower cooling and heating bills. Below are some things homeowners should know before they invest in new windows from Action Glass Inc.

They Don’t Pay For Themselves

Today’s top dual pane windows are roughly twice as good at retaining cool or warm air as the single-pane units of just a few years ago, but the gap narrows if the old units are equipped with storm windows. A home’s windows only make up a small percentage of its exterior envelope, and new ones will only produce a 5-15% energy savings. The average American homeowner pays approximately $1000 per year to cool and heat a home, meaning that it will take over 100 years to recoup the investment.

Maintenance is Crucial

As all glass services in Germantown MD are aware, solid wood windows sold today are not as durable as those made a few decades ago. To avoid seeing rot in new windows, a customer may want to consider wood alternatives. Vinyl windows are an affordable choice, and aluminum-clad wood windows are also available. Cladding can be painted in any color, and the finish carries a guarantee of 20 years. However, aluminum-clad windows cost up to 20% more than unclad units.

Some Old Windows are Repairable

Just because a home’s old windows are rattly or drafty does not mean they must be replaced. A window repair specialist can free up frozen sashes, replace broken glass, and install new weatherstripping. These tasks can cost up to $350 per window, and they may make old windows nearly as efficient as new ones. This option is great for those with historic homes where a certain aesthetic must be upheld. If a lower energy bill is the customer’s goal, there may be more cost-efficient ways to do it than replacing all the windows in the home.

While there are compelling reasons to get new windows in some cases, in others it’s best to leave well enough alone. By considering the facts listed here, customers can make the right decision when it’s time for glass services in Germantown MD.

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