Things to Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal in York, PA

There is no shortage of people with horror stories about having their wisdom teeth removed. In fact, when it comes to dental procedures, outside of a root canal, Wisdom Teeth Removal in York PA area is one type of procedure that is something that few people relish. However, there are times when wisdom teeth do need to be removed. There are also times when wisdom teeth don’t need to be removed and is important to understand this distinction.

The chances are quite good that your dentist will give you a pretty good idea of whether your wisdom teeth need to be removed or not. Contrary to what people believe, just because you have wisdom teeth doesn’t mean that the wisdom teeth need to be extracted. If the teeth are fully erupted and are healthy and most importantly are growing straight, there is no reason why the wisdom teeth have to be removed. In some cases, the wisdom teeth can grow much larger and higher than other teeth and this could cause chewing problems and in these cases, you may want to consider their removal.

Unfortunately, not all wisdom teeth grow in healthy, straight and some never fully erupted and in these cases, Wisdom Teeth Removal is necessary. Sometimes, wisdom teeth can grow in healthy but they grow at severe angles. This can cause crowding and can actually cause the entire set of teeth to shift creating a number of different dental conditions. In other cases, they can cause crowding because certain wisdom teeth simply don’t have the room to grow in properly. Once again, this could create a dental nightmare if wisdom teeth aren’t removed immediately.

While the process of Wisdom Teeth Removal York PA is nothing new for a dental professional, it can be a difficult experience for someone, especially if they have multiple wisdom teeth removed. The procedure can resolve a great deal of pain afterwards but fortunately, this pain will recede in the days following the procedure. If your wisdom teeth are growing in crooked or are crowding the rest of your teeth, the pain you may feel after the procedure is far better than the significant dental impact that some wisdom teeth can cause in a very short period of time.

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