Things to Remember When Being Arrested on Drug Charges

Everyone makes mistakes, but not all mistakes are created equal. One of the worst mistakes you can make is being charged with a drug crime. Some people get so caught up in the drama of the arrest that they end up incriminating themselves. There are a variety of things you need to avoid when being arrested for drug related offenses. The following are some of the things to remember if you ever find yourself arrested on drug charges.

Remember to Remain Silent

The best thing you can do when arrested on drug charges is to remain silent. Divulging too much information to a member of law enforcement can lead to a plethora of negative consequences down the line. Most people want to give their side of the story on scene, but this often leads to them making incriminating statements. Instead of making matters worse for you and your defense attorney, you need to ask for your lawyer and stay tight lipped when dealing with authorities.

Make Documentation of Everything

Another crucial element to remember when being arrested is that documenting everything is important. By making a record of your dealings with police, you can avoid issues in the long run. If possible, you should get the names of any witnesses who saw your arrest take place. With this information, you can call the person into court to testify on your behalf. A drug crime defense attorney in Fairfax County can help you build a strategic case off the documentation you can provide.

Attempting to defend yourself in court can be disastrous. An experienced lawyer will have no problem helping you build a proper defense.

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