Things You Need to Know About Terrazzo Repairs

Terrazzo floors often are considered as being either granite or marble and, as such, individuals attempt to perform terrazzo floor repair as if it were. Below are a few mistakes to avoid while attempting terrazzo floor repair by yourself.

Nail Removal

Most people like to put carpeting on sections of terrazzo floors to section it off. As it’ll come time to remove the carpeting it usually will just be pulled up. It may chip the terrazzo floor, as nails are going to be forced out at multiple angles. To properly remove carpet, you must cut it alongside the nail line. You then can roll the carpeting up and then pull it from the carpeting glue if there is any on your floor. Break the board away from nails then hammer them into the terrazzo flooring using a rubber mallet.

Not Granite

Terrazzo flooring is softer than granite, so it easily can be quickly worn down and stained.

Never Clean with Vinegar

Unfortunately, vinegar is too acidic for such floors. Utilizing vinegar may dull its appearance or etch the floor’s surface.

Simplicity Is Key

You never should utilize anything harsher than a mild detergent, soft sponge or cloth, and water.

Scuffs and Scratches

Damage to terrazzo floors often is discovered to be as simplistic as small scratches or a scuff mark. There aren’t any chemicals to utilize in this process, therefore do not try to use any to eliminate these marks. Soapy water and a clean rag should be all that’s needed to remove them. If the marks are deeper, you may remove the wax and then sand the floor down using fine grit sandpaper. Buff the floor with oil then reapply floor wax.

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