This New Holland, PA, Cafe Has the Best Coffee and Sandwiches Around

It’s going to take two shots of espresso infused with hot water to get your motor running this morning. You need to order the Americano. This and other eye-opening coffee drinks are served up by trained baristas in the food cafe in New Holland, PA.

If you need caffeine to help you through a Monday, or you just want to perk up before the kids get home, a great cup of Joe will help. You know that coffee is going to be lonely by itself, right? A cookie would be the perfect accompaniment to your coffee.

Of course, the food cafe in New Holland, PA, has to offer more than just the best organic coffee and teas. When you walk in the door, you should smell delicious bacon and sausage sizzling for breakfast platters.

Eggs, French toast, baked oatmeal with cinnamon sugar – these smells should entice you to sit down and enjoy your meal while sipping the best coffee around.

Red drinks like smoothies or Rooibos tea with fruit juice are delicious options for the caffeine-sensitive system. You can have a glass of tea with your freshly made smoked brisket sandwich on focaccia bread for lunch.

Choose a signature salad or enjoy some homemade soup. The best food

cafe in New Holland, PA, will also offer vegetarian options like hummus and vegetables or a honey wheat wrap. Kids will love the grilled cheese and chicken strips. Visit Coffee Co to savor our flavors today.

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