Three-Phased General Baldor Electric Motors

Electric motors are available from various distributors in Louisiana. Suppliers make several options available to their customers. Popular types include Baldor electric motors. They offer high-quality products at an affordable price. One of their favored types is the three-phased general purpose motor.

Three-Phased General Purpose Motors

Baldor offers an extensive line of this type of motor. General Motors, as the name suggests are capable of handling various applications. These include, but are not restricted to

 * Compressors
 * Conveyors
 * Fans
 * Machine Tool
 * Material Handling
 * Pumps

Baldor’s extensive line of such motors is popular with a variety of industries. They prize them for their durability and their capability of handling the continuous duty.

Characteristics of Baldor Three Phase Electric Motors

This type of electric motor is designed for harsh applications. Companies in Louisiana and elsewhere recognize them for their general durability and overall toughness. They admire such qualities as:

 * NEMA Premium efficiency (Super EM and CEM Motors)
 * Heavy gauge steel or cast iron frame construction
 * Entirely-enclosed designs, therefore, preventing motor damage and increasing safety and protection
 * High-quality ball or roller bearings (TR models) produce better reliability.
 * Easy to mount
 * Copper windings
 * Dynamically balanced rotor
 * Gasketed conduit boxes

Companies can choose from a variety of models. Baldor electric motors vary by model accordingly: frame construction, horsepower, RPM, and voltage. Selection will depend upon the specific intended use and company.

Common Industries Using Baldor Electric Motors

In Texas, different industries turn to Baldor electric motors to get the job done quickly, efficiently and effectively. Three phase electric motors find their placement in the following industries:

 * Aggregate and Cement
 * Air Handling
 * Chemical
 * Food and Beverage
 * Oil and Gas
 * Paper and Forest
 * Pharmaceutical
 * Unit and Baggage Handling

These manufacturing and production concerns have come to realize the advantages of using Baldor three phase electric motors available in either AC or DC options.

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