Three Projects That Require The Expertise Of A Licensed Residential Electrical Contractor In Indianapolis

The electrical system of a home provides an unending supply of electricity to the various fixtures and outlets in a house, and while most systems operate for years without requiring maintenance, some projects and issues warrant the use of a professional electrical contractor in Indianapolis. Before a homeowner embarks on the following projects, they should reach out to a professional. Often, the cost of hiring a licensed electrician far outweighs the stress associated with completing electrical work as a lay person.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Few things give the exterior of a home a warm and inviting look like custom lighting, and though many of the tools needed to install outdoor lighting are available from a big box home store, it shouldn’t be tackled alone. Exterior lights must be adequately grounded to prevent safety issues and to ensure that the new wiring will work reliably. Let a professional determine what is needed to install outside lighting equipment safely.

Whole Home Generator Systems

When a home experiences a power outage, it is a major inconvenience, but a whole home generator is standing by to provide an unending supply of power in any kind of weather. Installing a generator is not an easy feat, as it requires the installation of a secondary breaker panel. An electrical contractor in Indianapolis will be able to design a system that will provide power to any needed appliances without overloading the system.

Data Cable Installation

Even though wireless data signals are one of the most popular ways to connect to the internet, there is still a need for secure connections that are routed through an ethernet cable. Installing data cable in a home seems like an easy job on the surface, but if the wire is not connected correctly or comes in contact with metal or other electrical components, it may cause it to short out. Let a professional determine the best route for data cable installation to ensure it provides a stable connection.

An electrician is an invaluable tool for a plethora of projects. The team at Burtner Electric is standing by to offer help for nearly any type of small or large scale project a homeowner may wish to complete. Visit to view their full line of available services, and ensure any electrical work is completed safely and according to code.

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